Jib Mounted Prompters

Jib Mounted Systems

11” Jib Mount Above-the-Lens

For all your Jib shots, our 4 lb. monitor delivers extremely readable text at a fraction of the weight of a standard prompting monitor. Easy to maneuver for the jib operator and perfect for your talent. The eye line is great if your talent is 6’ or more away from the camera. This monitor works well in sunlight and shade.

11" Thru-The-Lens Jib Mount

Rated for use on any Jib set-up, film or video this light-weight system will help your jib operator get the perfect shot. Your talent will be looking directly in the camera lens if they are close to the camera and you have a concern about eye line.

The 11” monitor will also work well if you choose to use it on sticks that are too light to hold the standard 15” monitor. You’ll still have “thru-the-lens” prompting without the extra weight.